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  1. Because when I was working at TCBE in Brussels I could collaborate daily with my colleagues in London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and especially NYC –  and this made me feel my job was really cool (plus in the economic and financial realm I needed all the help I could get :-D). That was good both for my self-esteem and for my firm, because I really engaged in my activities and gave my best in a job I liked.
  2. Because when I moved back to Italy I was able keep easily in touch with my really cool colleagues from the Brussel‘s office, now spread a bit all over the planet. I still miss them a lot and it’s true that no virtual connection can make up for it, but thanks to Facebook and email we have organised to meet on February 12 and party as hard as we know we can!!!
  3. Because since I registered my Facebook account I found lots of people I hadn’t thought of for the best part of 2 decades and I found out that it wasn’t because they were forgettable people, but because I am so lucky to know more worthwhile people than I can keep count of.
  4. Because since I registered my Facebook account I discovered that there were way many more people in my hometown that remembered me than I ever thought possible. I therefore realised that my teenage insecurities were just that. In my late 20’s I was at ease with myself in relation to others, but I kind of realised that the others had always been. 🙂 This was a major turning point for me, I guess you can understand, if not relate.
  5. Because thanks to the net I ate a pretty nice carbonara last Thursday at lunch. It works like this: I have started a blog and my neighbour and friend Rossana is pretty annoyed with it, but she is a nice person and in spite of feeling she has lost me to the keyboards&screen she suggests the blog of another friend of her, which she thinks I’d like. So I go and check out Anna’s blog and I like it a whole lot indeed. So I comment on Anna’s posts and she visits my blog and comments on mine. So I befriend her on Facebook and she accepts. It just so happens that Thursday morning Anna posted on Facebook that she’d like to eat a carbonara for lunch. So I realise that I have a lone egg in the fridge and some pancetta (basically bacon – the one I have is not smoked), which isn’t guanciale, but for 2-year-old Marilù and myself it will abundantly do. So I cook up the pasta, fried the pancetta, whip pepper and parmesan into the raw egg, pour the mix onto the hot pasta, stir the fried pancetta in and voilà! So virtual my a**, it was pretty damn tasty.
  6. Because I have never felt this close to my cousin Paola since I befriended her and her smart, fun, lovely partner Giulia on Facebook, but especially since I started this blog. We were kind of apart in age, which counts more when you are kids, and then she moved to Sicily, so we never really had the opportunity to get to know one another as people, besides being family. And I find that we have more things in common than I considered, and I am pleased by it, as I always thought she was seriously hot :-). Now, there’s clearly still some way to go, as a “Like” here and there is just a start, but I think we are more likely to make an effort to get closer now than we were before. And I do think family is important. And I think it’s important to say it.
  7. Because a few days ago this really professional multi-blogger mcsixtyfive tweeted me that he loved my words – really, he wrote: I love your words.  Now, as far as compliments go this one ranks about as high as when my friend and now landlord Giulio told me that I am the voice of his soul, as I read his writings. Or when Dennis Hopper said: “You look beautiful in that dress”, when I was working at the Brussels Film Festival and he saw me in my cherry red, long Chinese dress. He was actually walking away after we had a quick chat in the hotel’s lobby (yes, Dennis and I had “a chat”! :-)) and he purposely turned around just to hand me this completely unforgettable compliment, which I will forever cherish*. So, compliments really get you a long way with me and I hardly forget one. And to get one about my writing now is everything I can desire, or at least a fat slice of it.
  8. Because thanks to Arthemysia and Laura (virtual friends for now, but we’ll be sitting around a table with good food soon enough!) I was able to watch this and share it with you. It sums up the meaning of life and I agree with it 100%. It is pretty basic, but I am simpler than I like to give away 😉

*Oliver Stone(d) and I had a chat too! Too long a chat though, during which I gave air to some very inappropriate thoughts about his demeanor – guess which demeanor – and that was the end of the best acting chance I never had. Still, I cherish that memory too… 😉

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