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Add New Post. Blank. It happened already quite a few times lately. Read the newspaper to grasp an idea. I might. But today it doesn’t seem to work. Pouring rain outside – finally. Sounds of wind shaking the trees and water dotting the terrace frantically. Hail, even! Must say I don’t mind it at all, goes with the mood: not necessarily for the cold grayness of it all, rather for the coziness inside the house, that is heightened by the storm – as well as the restoring freshness of the water, as the garden, the dirt… the mouth, the throat, the skin, the whole earthly body is thirsty. The mind and the heart too, actually. So, there. One of those days. For some reason, unknown to my own self, writing helps. Writing in English helps even more, but for the life of me I wouldn’t be able to tell you why. So, here I am, writing in English, while the storm rages outside, and the screen isn’t blank anymore, I did end up writing something – not so sure it’s blog-worthy, not so sure it could be interesting for anybody to read, or for me to publish, for that matter. But I do need to put out stuff, feeling sterile is just the worst. What is this, an insight into a writer’s blocked blogger? A psychotherapeutic session? A confession? Just rambling? Well, I did tell you there would be some of that too in these pages. To top it all today’s Father’s Day. Not that my dad and I ever did anything special on this day, wishes and a token, when I was around to give him one, were all. But today there’s no point in picking up the phone and dialling that number that I just won’t delete from the contacts – why would anyone? I guess most of us go around with cell phones in which there is at least one number of someone who is just out of reach by now. Ghost phone numbers. Well, deleting them seems such a harsh little gesture. Keeping them could be meaningless, possibly, but still. As a friend told me today: “Shit: one learns to swim through that too”. I’m sure I will. Bof, sure might be to big a word at times, but let’s say I am pretty confident. Yeah that’s better. So, here’s what the chef is cooking today, it ain’t much, but it’s genuine. And out of the kitchen it goes. Reception doesn’t much concern me, unfortunately, at the moment it’s more about putting out than anything else. But maybe, just maybe, someone will read and feel less alone, that would be good of course – only that’s not the main objective, is all I’m saying. What am I saying? Oh, let’s not start it all over. Blue is only one colour in the rainbow… It’s great to have all the others at hand, but still, you can’t do without blue. It could even be a good thing. Well, the storm is over already and the sun is back – outside, that is. I’ll be seeing you soon enough. Take good care, will you?

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